Transitions… “About the Author”

Transitions… “About the Author”

Hi everyone ~ Sabrina here!

For those of you interested enough in reading this; I want to share with you some of the transitions I have been experiencing energetically, spiritually, professionally and personally.

Many of you who already know me know that I started practicing Reiki and other healing modalities in the Spring of 2012.  At that time I was a practicing massage therapist.  I think Reiki reached out to me in an attempt to bring my awareness to the fact that in the four years I had been practicing massage, although I was helping others via muscle relaxation, at the same time what I did not realize was that I was energetically “pulling” out their icky energies and allowing them to get “stuck” inside my own energy and physical body.  This creates quite a bit of emotional turmoil, to say the least!   And so began my personal healing journey.

For the next couple of years I continued to massage as well as perform Reiki healing on myself which began to open numerous doors of enlightenment and opportunity.  A spiritual journey, perhaps?  I began to go through a series of years in my life where I rid myself of everything toxic; energy, food, relationships, people.  This has not necessarily been an easy feat, however, profound lessons in life aren’t necessarily meant to be easy.  Many times lessons must be profound with such emotional intensity that forces us to “realize the bigger picture” and make the decision that we will never go back to what we were before.

But I digress …

Over the years I’ve cleansed, healed and then moved forward.  Baby steps.  Enlightening myself one day at a time, healing my heart, healing my soul, becoming stronger, detaching myself from all worldly attachments.  2015 was a very crazy year for me but it prepared me for what was about to happen in 2016 … and where I am, right now:  Tranquility, peace, love, acceptance, unity as well as freedom to be …. ME.   2016 has been about jumping into the abyss of bliss!  In January I took a leap of faith and allowed synchronicity, the Universe and all of its abundance to embrace me, and I am still here in that embrace.  Oh what a beautiful experience this is!

Writing, for me, is a form of release.  It helps me to heal so that I can move forward in my journey.  I must share my experiences with others, through words.  Whether those words are here or in books, this is my attempt to let everyone know that no matter what it is you are going through at any given time there is always a reason for that, and there is always hope. In January I was seriously burdened (in my mind) with debt and financial woes and a mere 6 months later I’ve landed in the loving embrace of Synchronicity where peace, love and contentment fill my soul.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stay tuned for my next book, in it’s final writing as we speak.  “I’m Having The Time of My Life!”  <3

Meanwhile, in addition to writing I also continue to offer energy healing, tarot readings, spiritual/personal healing guidance, etc. on a daily basis.  For more information on this you can reach me at (702) 601-0040.    Sabrina

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“Triggers”~ Why Other People Cause You Emotional Upsets

You know the feeling:

  • “He/She rubs me the wrong way”
  • “That person is so annoying I just want to scream!”
  • “When so and so opens their mouth I am immediately disgusted”

Why do certain people cause such a negative affect on others?  The simple answer to this is; FEAR.  But fear of what?  This is something you must ask yourself.

We, as human beings, have tendencies to recognize similar attributes in others, but until we realize that we are recognizing our own shortcomings through other peoples behaviors we will respond to them with disgust, fear, non-acceptance, ridicule.   The reason why any of us are “triggered” by others is because there are innate qualities inside of us that are longing to be brought to the surface and dealt with.  These triggers are bringing our attention to something within ourselves that so desperately wants to HEAL.

Bottom line, what everyone else is doing in their life has absolutely NOTHING to do with us.  Everyone must travel their own path!  Everyone is having different experiences and lessons.  “Live and let live”, right?    I’m sure these other people who are affecting you so negatively aren’t even giving you the time of day.  So why let THEIR issues cause you so much emotional upset?  Look within yourself and heal what you need to heal. This is all about you!  Endless opportunities to heal yourself are most likely flooding your path!   Are you paying attention?

Try to think of it this way:  Imagine your life is a movie and everyone that interacts with you in your lifetime are all actors in your movie.  They all have a place, some lines, a reason, a “purpose”.  You are the one on center stage, though.  The spotlight is on YOU! You are being given endless opportunities to improve yourself and your life, to be happier. These people are offering you an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective.  Ultimately you should be able to rise to the position of “acknowledgment” without being “triggered” emotionally.

Do you really want to continue allowing everyone else to have such an emotional effect on you?   You are the only person who can change this.  Are you up for the challenge?


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Always Do What You Feel is Right

You can never go wrong with anything in life if you always do what you feel is right.

Remember, if you continue to follow the path that intrigues you, you will always be on the right path.

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Sabrina McCulley❤

Become Your Own Psychic

Become Your Own Psychic

What it all really boils down to, is trust.  Trust what you are receiving (internally) as your personal truth.  Learn to understand what you feel.  What you feel is your higher self telling you how you should respond to any situation.  Separate your soul from your ego.  Our egos like to hold onto beliefs that may or may not be true.  What are your personal beliefs, anyway? Did you acquire them through others or did you realize them through deep, intuitive personal healing?  What other people say isn’t necessarily our truth.  What we FEEL, is our truth.

Start taking time for yourself to learn what within you is real, and what is fabricated. Once you have learned how to distinguish the difference, you will have become your own psychic.   Trust me😉


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Energy Healing via Donation, in October!

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided that since many people are not aware of energy healing, or the fact that they can benefit from it, and also to create a healing community and awareness of my new FB site I am offering 20 minute healing sessions during the month of October, 2016 and the only amount anyone will need to pay/donate is what you they afford to pay!

Just remember that my time is valuable, but so is your healing journey.  I am willing to share with you my time and knowledge on energy healing and trust that you will pay/donate what you can afford, or the amount you feel it is worth, to you.

Please come join me at Mystical Curiosity on Facebook, please *like* and *share* my post with all of your friends and family and those who you feel can benefit from this offer.  In order to maintain proper record keeping I will e-mail invoices for payment to each individual requesting service.  The service receipt will simply read “Sabrina McCulley, Reiki Master”.

Again, please join me at Mystical Curiosity on Facebook, share the word, share the love and help bring more awareness to energy healing ~ WE ALL NEED IT!!  <3


Be Well❤

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Use New Moon Energy to Create!

For ions many of the worlds population have utilized the cycles of the moon to create change in their lives.  During the time of the full moon many release anything that is not good for them or no longer serving their higher interests and the new moon is a perfect time to set intentions for anything new that you would like to bring into your life.  Before anything new can enter your life you must first create “space” for it to fill.

Does that make sense?  I think I’ve written an entirely different post on releasing (probably several of those! ha!) but it is imperative for anything new to enter your life you have to make the space for it first.  You might start with clearing out clutter.  Over time we have tendencies to allow stuff to pile up and many times the piles get so big we start to avoid it because we know what it’s going to take to clear it out.  This is the first most important step if you desire:

  • Clarity of thought
  • Peace of mind
  • New opportunities

To say the least😉   Try cleaning out and reorganizing a closet or garage.  See how you feel afterwards!

Anyway, in order to utilize the New Moon energies, as I said before, first we must create space in our lives.  If you desire a new job, create “space” in your mind for a new job opportunity to come your way.  If you long for a romantic relationship, create “space” in your life to allow someone new to enter it.  This goes for anything new!  Before new can enter your world you first must allow a space for it to enter.  This also works the same for thoughts!  Get rid of old and unhealthy thoughts to create space for new and healthy ones.

In my experience with manifesting and creating newness in my life I have realized that we are all capable of “creating” on any day, at any time.  Perhaps the cycles of the moon are utilized to help those remember it’s time to clear out the baggage and welcome new and healthy energy; moon cycles are awesome for helping us stay on track!  If you are “energy sensitive” though, you may also notice a change in your energy and the energy of those around you, especially during times of the full moon.  Some moons may offer us more assistance in creating what we desire, but ultimately  I truly believe that setting intentions for change may happen at any time; we just have to have the clarity, focus and true intentions in order to do so.

Be Well!  <3


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“Protecting Your Aura with Energy”

“One of the most common ways to provide immediate protection for yourself is to

visualize  a white light around your aura.   Your aura is an energetic protection barrier

located around  your dense body, surrounding it up to three (3) feet away.  The aura is like a

transmitter  receiver and it allows the sending and receiving of subtle energies both from

us and  external sources.  Our auras are our first line of defense to protect us from negative

and toxic energies that can potentially cause physical harm to our dense bodies.  The white

light represents divine purity and protection and is our first line of defense against

external attacks.

Ultimately, you may utilize different colors to receive different energetic  protection.

White is the most common, but most importantly, choose whichever color you resonate

with the most as it is likely to be the best defense for your own unique energy signature.”

Empath Survival Guide-Energy Protection and Healing


Be Well  :)  <3       Sabrina McCulley on Facebook